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Priscilla's Author Spot

Author of God's Poetic Treasures

This blog has been created by Priscilla McGee as a tool to feature and talk about great reads and books of different backgrounds, that she has read. Priscilla McGee welcomes and encourages your participation.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March featured author

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy

She created the Breast Health and Healing Foundation whose mission is to “Discover the specific causes of breast cancer all over the world and to use this knowledge to prevent the disease.” Dr. Ruddy is devoted to helping women with breast cancer find a cure for their disease, but she has also come to a new vision, one based on eradication of breast cancer by discovery of its causes. Dr. Ruddy continues to care for patients in her offices in Belleville and Bernardsville, New Jersey while working tirelessly to grow the Breast Health and Healing Foundation team.

Books Written

The Mind Is A Force That Matters
The Pink Virus:  Does A Virus Cause Breast Cancer In Women?
A Woman's Companion:  Recipes For Breast Health And Healing

Dr. Kathleen Ruddy can be contacted at and her website is

Meet the Author

Priscilla McGee
Priscilla McGee was born and raised in Salisbury N.C. She  graduated from Salisbury High School in 1989. She has been writing poetry for 20 years and when she gave her life to the Lord her writing style changed. Priscilla McGee began writing about God and it eventually became poetic expressions. She has  four beautiful  children. She  is now a member of Living for God Deliverance Ministries International. Where Apostle A.P Clark and Apostle Tyna Clark are her  leaders and she is a minister in the church.  Priscilla McGee is a certified Childcare Teacher. She is a student at Central Piedmont Community College. Priscilla McGee has been a lover of poetry since High School and  she began writing these creative expressions in 2007. She was then inspired in 2008 to transform them into book. 
Books Written By Priscilla McGee 
This Book is a inspirational poetry book which was written in the form of a devotion book, it has sections, prayers and scriptures which are all related to the poem.  
You may contact Priscilla by email at
The book is available from the following websites as well as amazon and barnes and noble dot com.